"JX-O5" Roland JX-03 Boutique Demo Track

src: https://soundcloud.com/spotlightkid/jx-o5

Download: JX-O5 (Lizenz: CC-by-nc-sa 3.0)

This is a little weekend jam to get to know my relatively new Roland JX-03 Boutique synth better. All sounds (incl. SFX) are from the JX-03, except drums, which are sequenced with Roland CR-78 samples in the DAW. Multi-tracked with about 15 different tracks and my own custom sounds and two presets sounds (sync lead and vibe).

Recorded with Tracktion 7 DAW on Linux. Zita-Reverb (LADSPA), Tracktion Delay, EQ and MasterMix Multi-Band Compressor.
Schaut man auf den ersten und die beiden letzten Buchstaben des Titels wird man die Inspiration für diesen Track schnell erraten können.

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