Martin Rev(Suicide) &Parallel Worlds, Cyanna live in ath

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  1. Martin Rev (of Suicide) live! with "Parallel Worlds" and "Cyanna", as support acts!

    Martin Rev is best known for his confrontational work with Alan Vega as "Suicide"; considered one of the most influential bands of the last 30 years! If you wonder why journalists call Suicide the 'Kraftwerk of the states' (or why they strongarmed copies of Suicide's first album from Lester Bangs) - you must check out Martin Rev, and attempt to answer the question, "who hasn't he influenced?"

    Parallel Worlds will play tracks from their latest albums, plus new unreleased material from their forthcoming 4th album, combined with the otherworldly visuals of Jim Davakis!

    11/18/2006 08:30 PM - Underworld Club
    Themistokleous & Gamveta 5, Exarheia
    Ticket Cost: 28-33 euros