Parallel Worlds live @ Earthdance Festival 2008 (Sept, 13th)

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  1. Parallel Worlds are playing live at Earthdance Festival on Saturday 13th of September (20:30) on the DANCE STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

    Parallel Worlds will present tracks from their latest album 'Obsessive Surrealism' plus older tracks and unreleased material combined with the otherworldly live visuals of Maria Tsiligiridi.

    full schedule/details below:

    EARTH DANCE 2008
    Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th of September

    Global link for peace
    350 cities – 60 countries- 1 global link

    Athens, BATIS beach -P.Faliro, 18:00-00.00 and
    “AΜΜΟS CLUB” (00.00-06:00) tram stations “Batis” and Loutra Alimou”

    Thessaloniki, “Theatro Kipou”
    Santorini “The Beach Bar”
    Corfu “Old Castle-town.
    Ypati “Chora Art Park”

    For info regarding artists line up and locations please visit

    On Saturday September 13th and Sunday the 14th , over 340 cities in 57 countries
    will unite as one global dance floor in support of global peace.

    In Athens, from early afternoon until midnight on the beach of P.Faliro-Batis and from
    midnight to sunrise at AMMOS club, EarthDance 2008 host more than 50 acts,
    live and dj sets, exhibitions and contemporary cinema.

    A number of N.G.O’s focusing at environment and urban culture
    will participate: ELLINIKI ETAIRIA (Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage),
    Ash In Art! CAID, Genathlon, and Helmepa.

    Quintessence of the event is a global link that brings together all festival
    at an effort to create a common mind supporting peace.
    The web link will be broadcasted through
    and if some of you cannot be there with us you can listen live
    at the After Party at AMMOS club - Alimos through and as well as
    the event at Thessaloniki through

    Tune in, and live a wonderfull dance phenomenon.
    Line up Athens

    Saturday 13/09
    EARTH STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

    Somewhere beyond
    Verum secta
    Changing faces
    Listen Up! Soundsystem
    Cast-A-Blast Soundsystem

    *On site fire show by Magic Happens*

    Saturday 13/09
    DANCE STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

    Petros Feelin
    MUTE dj set
    C.Stauropoulos dj set
    PARALLEL WORLDS live set
    ION dj set
    Urban Disco live set
    D.M.R dj set

    Saturday 13.09
    AMMOS After party (tram: Loutra Alimou)

    DJ PITH dj set
    ArchiteCt dj set
    Nikos Vandoros dj set
    D.J. Girl dj set
    Chevy-Mr Statik dj set
    Huyshe dj set

    Saturday 14/09
    EARTH STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

    Sleepin Pillow live set
    FUNDRAKAR live
    One Drop Forward live
    Maraveyas illegal live

    Saturday 14/09
    DANCE STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

    DubSkanker dj set
    Gblack dj set
    Γιάννης Λώλος dj set
    Alex Afanas dj set
    A@H2O dj set
    BLUNT BLAZIN dj set

    Sunday 14.09
    AMMOS After party (tram: Loutra Alimou)

    intro by Paul D. intro
    ROOTMAN Live
    217 Live
    THANNASIMOS (beatbox) Live
    Jerome Aka the source Live

    For more info regarding the festival at Thessaloniki, Santorini, Corfu and Ypati
    Visit or look for Earthdance free press magazine.