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Hi guys, I'm new here. I do want your suggestion. I really want a new modern synth!

I been saving my money for long. I have my eyes on 2 synths. First one is Monomachine and Second one is Mono Evolver.

actually, I plan to get both of them but for the first purchase I don't really know myself. Both of them are so great!! I know they are different and it depend on what I going to do with it but you know,,, It still hard for me to make a decision.

Could you please help me by giving me some good reason which synth you want to get If you were me (It will be the third synth in my bedroom. I got Juno106 and MS20 already).



really hard to answer, not knowing what kind of sound you are going for, or what you feel that you are missing in your setup right now...
i guess the monomashine would give you more voices and more digital sounding possibilities (fm, sid, wavetables...) but well i guess you are also aware of the prizetag...


Well, to make tracks the monomachine would be more helpful. Since you already got synths you probably want to make tons of tracks? If so, go for the mm. If you prefer sound design and if you like very sophisticated sounds (the evolver is of course a bit ahead of a Juno & MS20 if it's about waveforms and delay modulation). Means: If you are more the DAW-producer and it doesn't really matter if you can work fast - than go for the evolver first. I assume you will go for both sooner or later?

the evolver is easier to get, possibly used and therefore a bit cheaper and come back to the mm quite shortly..


Thanks for you guys advise!

First time I plan to get an evolver(desktop) + prophet08 but the size and the price of P08 seem too big for me. (My country where I live. there have no dealer. I have to pay for the crazy tax when it arive T_T).

From what I got (Juno106 and MS20), I just want a synth which more up to date and more flexible and livable. so I think Mono Evolver could replace my MS20 and P08 could replace my 106 for live use, but like I said, P08 is not fit with my bill and my room. so I have to find something more reasonable.

For evolver, I really like the combination between digital and analog. The keyboard version it look nice for live situation as well.

Last month I have a chance to play on machinedrum SPS-1 (classic) and I kind of like the feeling of the sequencer which is really nice. so I check how people talk and use the MnM on websites. I found most of them love it. so I think I better change my plan from EVO+P08 to MnM + MEK to fit my room instead. I don't know is it make sense for you or not.

Thank a lots!!
more house

more house

if you want to play sequences than go for the monomachine first, an idea would be to play your juno with it too
and the monomachine can play drumsounds as well and much more easy and rich than with the MEK or desktop evolver

i know the monomachine, never had one but appreciate it
the evolver is a supernice synth, it can do a lot of complex or simple sounds can sound lovely and opposite, in the case of dsi i would go for a MEK or evolver with editor!

thats just my opinion
1. monomachine
2. dsi MEK
3. ...
4. ...
5. ...
6. ...
7. ...
8. ...
9. ...
10. pro 5 ;-)


Imo there's a lot of other stuff,

do you want analog stuff or just "more modern synths"?

why not try FM synths? or some Virtual Analog Synthesizer (VA, digitale Simulation) synths? there are lots of interesting ones.


I think you must ask yourself.The MS 20 is a maschine with a hard Sound.The evolver is hard too.Maybe you like this Sound but when you are looking for little bit more difference maschines like the Access Virus ,Clavia NL or the Prophet 08 could be better for you.
It´s matter of taste which Sound you prefer and what you are doing with them.

If you want a modern Synth thru your old Stuff in a Case and what 10 years when you have modern Stuff ;-)


i think it would be the best to go for an Mnm - espicially it's sequencing possibilities might be interesting for you (if your existing synths are midi-fied somehow)

but since the Mnm has an very own digital sound, and you have two analog synths it might happen that this sound not your taste - so better go for an used Mnm, so you're loosing not so much money , in case you're reselling it