Nord_Rack_2 & pcmcia

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm new here and happy to have found this great forum.
    I have a question on a Nord_Rack_2 synth.
    I thought to use a standard pcmcia adaptor with Compact Flash inside, to upload patches from the Sequencer on my mac, but with bad-surprise for me, the synth is not able to write the card fine. When I put it into the turned on synth it shows "for" (format) I follow the command and it would seem right, but for example when I try to store a patche from a synth location to a card location:
    (patche nr.1 from memory synth) --to--> (card-location nr. 1.1)
    the nord_rack seems to write it correctly, infact it sounds at the first moment but when I change program and come back on the 1.1 there's nothing inside.

    I know this kind of synth use old pcmcia sram card 64Kb. But the question is if there's a way to "format" or adapt this standard pcmcia (with CompactFlash) to use into this synth correctly.

    Thanks all in advance,
  2. Hi,

    I think it is the same like the Sram Card for the Alesis Andromeda, in my opinion there is no way to use any kind of flash memory, sorry...

    Only Sram Cards with battery buffer will work I think...

    I don´t know if you can use larger cards (>64K) like in the A6 and the unit will only adress the needed maximum size....
  3. Hi The_Unknown,

    I'm sorry to hear that..
    So I have to find this kind of sram pcmcia card, and it's difficult today..
    Thanks for your help.

  4. EinTon

    EinTon .

    I'd ask Clavia Support.

    For my NordRack2 I once bought a special designed PCMCIA Card made by Clavia - but maybe it'll work with normal Cards, too.
  5. mmhhhh.... now I fall in trouble..
    EinTon I hope it's possible but I haven't found anything about that at this moment.. standard pcmcia adaptor with compact flash card doesn't work as I erroneously thought. Today isn't so easy finding that kind of old card with very low capacity..
  6. EinTon

    EinTon .

    Maybe someone sells such a card at ebay.

    Or (as I said) ask Clavia directly - perhaps they even have some old NordSound cards left... ;-)

    My own one is an S-RAM 64 Kb battery backed memory card, with a Clavia label on it.
  7. ...about one year ago I asked some questions to the clavia support, but I never got any answer from them, so I hope you have more luck... ;-)
  8. I asked to Clavia the same question some days ago but no answer from them yet.. so I think it will be the same thing as yours The_Unknow. Really bad to say dear Clavia :roll: ..
  9. cleanX

    cleanX .

    from the clavia FAQ-side:
    Nord Lead/Rack general

    Q: Is it still possible to get hold of PCMCIA cards?
    A: Clavia does no longer offer PCMCIA cards but you can still get the same cards that we used to distribute from Memorix Elektronik.

    Memorix Elektronik
    Zum Ebgelberg 12
    79249 Merzhausen

    Tel. 0049-761-4004440
    Fax. 0049-761-4004441

    the pcmcia to cf-card is not working, you need a battery backuped sram-card. you can also try cards with more than 64kb (because these are very very rare) - i had a none-clavia-card that worked (cant remember the size), but tested later a 2mb s-ram without success
  10. thank you very much cleanX, I'll send an email to them. ;-)
  11. this is the answer from Clavia:

    "Thank you for your email. The only cards we have tested and that we know to function 100% are available here:

    Best regards"
  12. Only for your info:
    SRAM card-price from Memorix Elektronik: 75€