Patrick Cowley "Right on Target" tribute on Youtube

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  1. Made another 80s tribute film, this time about ATF synth artist Patrick Cowley

    Similar like my earlier drummachine & Roland Juno synth medleys of CR78, 808, Oberheim DMX, Linndrum classic tracks

    This time I loosely rebuilt a kind of dub version of "Right on Target", later with some elements of Menergy and Megatron Man, hope you like it!

    Synths used:
    - Korg Electribe SX (Oberheim DMX drums, Linn cowbell)
    - Korg Minikorg 700S (bass, rhythm accent)
    - Creamware Pro12 (Prophet 5 brass)
    - Crumar Performer (strings)
    - Korg MS2000R (arpeggio fx, noise fx)


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  2. Great stuff again![​IMG]
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    great! :supi:
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    I miss the vocoder voice :)
  6. Been playing with that for a moment, but felt like too much here - will do sth in future track :)
  7. Received some very nice messages about this, many thanks!!
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    Exellent! :supi: :supi: :supi: