power supplies in DE

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  1. First off, sorry for the English language post!

    I'm building an ultra-thin new modular case, and I'm looking for the smallest power supply I can get away with which could give 1Amp and +/-15V. I have a depth of about 8cm in the case to work with. The front dimensions will be approx the same as a Doepfer "suitcase", i.e 19" wide and 2x3U high.

    Matthias "Fonik" on the electro-music DIY board suggested I post here specifically since I live in Berlin. He mentioned some people are using fairly small, high-quality switching power supplies here, and that maybe I could get recommendations for usable PSUs which I could order here in Germany. I'd rather not build my own PSU if I don't have to, and I would prefer not to have to use a wallwart unless I have to. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Wow that's small and powerful. Sorry not to reply sooner, this forum doesn't seem to notify me by email of replies. I may send you an order for one of these soon! Is this the same PSU as is used in the Curetronic modular system? Is there anyone using this that could testify how clean this PSU is? No switching noise, voltage drops etc etc?