preview of new Video Tutorial/SoundSet which will combine the Eurorack World with the Korg Universe

maik schott
maik schott
Working on a new Tutorial/SoundSet. This is a small part and it will be a longer Video altogether.
Here you see my Modular Setup - I had some fun but also some situation of fury when programming the trackers for these animated popups!
I have put together:
2 Double Helix Oscillators (Pitsburgh Modular)
1 Triple Oscillator (MFB)
2 Moog Filters (EMW)
2 EMS Filters (Analogue Systems)
2 RS-95N Oscillators (Analogue Systems)
2 Envelopes (TipTop Audio)
2 Quintet VCA's (ADDAC)
1 Eloquencer (Winter Modular)
1 Toolbox Sequencer (1010 Music)
And a bunch of patching cables . . .

The whole video will be out in the next days - so stay tuned!


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