Prodigy² LPG

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  1. Moog Buchla Meeting

    Moog Prodigy twins to quad LPG
    Buchla 225e,281e, 292e
    Kenton Pro Solo, Pro Solo mk2, Prodigy's socket kid's
    Korg X 50 Pad via Akai MFC 42
    Yamaha MCS 2 fo CC to Kenton's Filter and S&H contoll)
    and Buchla 225( A&D controll 281e)
    chords and double sequence by Korg X 50 to Logic
    white noise by Arp Odyssey to Prodigy audio in
    FX Lexicon PCM 80 & PCM 90
    4 tracks
    2x midi seq (X50) to Prodigy's
    X 50 pad
    Drums Prodigy 1 kick and Prodigy 2 audio in white noise from Arp Odyssey