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Quiet Rotations

Dieses Thema im Forum "Your Tracks" wurde erstellt von LOX, 12. November 2013.

  1. LOX

    LOX .

    The first version of my tune was part 1 but that I erased again because I liked it to much after a while because my good stuff I don´t release on internet so I decided to publish just my "Quiet Rotations (Part 3 / Version 5 / Fragment B)"

    Moby wrote me back that he likes this tune of mine very much so I used his video for my music and released this tune of mine with additional sound programming and complex sound engineering a second time with a video of Moby to show that I can sound better than him without problems:

    The ultimate first version of everything was the erased version of the unreleased full version of the promo version that doesn´t exists anymore on internet because its sounding to special and I don´t allow people to hear it so they just can have the different sounding promo of the erased version: