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    src: https://youtu.be/Y90AWHCnXaQ

    I composed this musical piece for someone. Its actually composed for a short movie scene. This musical piece got mixed on 2 different headphones and 3 different soundcards. You hear this track in 35 - 36 bit sound resolution at this moment. I also got special mastering plugins that do sonical processings with a audio resolution of 96 bit, but its making no sense to release anything like that on internet, because there are no ways to export something like this. I used over 8 different reverbs of the best ones available for pro tools, over 20 reverb settings, weeks of analytical work, the best available 7 different mastering limiters for pro tools and I used over 20 different of the best available mastering EQs for pro tools.

    Normaly I produce my music in 30 minutes. But this piece here was the first and last time of a production time of 3 months. If you don´t know how the little viola sounded at the start, you wouldn´t understand what I made it sound by working on this little viola for 3 months. So what it did was actually making me feel insane because my HDD had in the end over 70 versions + erased mixes of these existing versions and I couldn´t decide anymore at the end what I should use and why this has a better sound like the other versions so it made me go insane to some degree. I mixed and programmed this piece over and over also with some special EQs that you can´t find easy and I processed many weeks of additional mixing programming by using 3 different soundcards and it took about 12 weeks so now its finished and really sounding like nothing else that you can hear from any artist. These strings are unique sounding. It was highly abstract work to get the little viola sound like a string ensemble and to make this again sound like its some orchestral organ pipe sound with a super unique and supreme sound behaviour. I worked myself trough over 300 of the best audiophile mastering plugins because I collect them.

    I´m unhappy with this sound that YouTube created for this version here now, because it sounds wrong and not very good, because its the low fidelity sounding YouTube version. The wav file version on my laptop sounds incredible. I never worked on a musical piece that intense. Its absolutly over-edited. YouTube reduced the supreme sound quality a lot. This composition is the most complex track I ever did till now. The listener may just think its a arranging of strings that sound orchestral, but actually its just a little viola what you hear and the idea was to make it sound like its a organ with a pipe like orchestral sound.

    So I had to work really for a long time to figure out how to get this unique sound so over 20 different reverb settings were necessary so i had to EQ about 370 times just certain areas in the frequency range at a certain speed behaviour to get this special sound I was looking for. It took about 3 months to just get this little viola into a string ensemble layout with this kind of behaviour that I was looking for. So many months of super much work for just 2 minutes that you hear in this short final version for internet. But it was worth it and I learned a lot just by doing this here.

    After I completed this complex problem I had to change about 40 times the speed and the pitch from one setting to another one to get certain sound behaviour and sonical effects that I had in my imagination. I used 7 different limiters and each one I used about 9 times just to get the sound behaviour into a certain sound behaviour. I wanted a super ultra transparent sound so I had to use a low volume for everything. But this created again other sound engineering problems. So this sound and track got more and more complex each time I worked on it. And now its really finished. Its audio resolution shows on audio bit resolution plugins 35 to 36 bit sound resolution, but the export as a wmv for YouTube reduces a bit these super high resolution and the converting of YouTube again reduces the sound quality and resolution.

    The plugins I used processed everything in 64 bit float sound resolution, but the output file resolution can´t be 64 bit because its not compatible with the function to get exported as wmv. Its only possible to choose between 16 and 32 bit and these 32 bit also will get reduced trough converting algorithms 2 times (one time on the laptop at home and a second time internal from YouTube after the upload) so there will be a lot fine distortions, noises and resolution reductions going on after its on YouTube, so its making more sense to listen to this piece here via SoundCloud, but SoundCloud also changes the sound behaviour, but not in such a terrible way like YouTube.