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    Liste mit allen Fixes/Änderungen:


    * More tolerant error handling when loading custom fonts.
    * Selected installer language was not used when upgrading from 3.0, this is now fixed.
    * We have improved the error handling when copying Remote maps and codecs during start up.
    * All sample players (NN-XT, NN-19, Dr Rex and Redrum) - High Quality Interpolation is now enabled by default.
    * Improved handling of mono/stereo connections while auto-routing.
    * Dragging devices to the rack from the tool window only worked with the top-most window, now it works with any window.
    * More robust error handling during startup, avoiding certain timing problems in Windows.


    * Automation type for Dr Rex transpose parameter was continuous - changed this to stepped.
    * In certain situations Command-A did not work properly on Mac OS X.
    * Notes with same Start or End position could change the play/stop order randomly. This could only be noticed while playing chords on a monophonic device. This is now fixed.
    * Fixed note trig queuing for extremely short notes. This was causing phased effects when doubling clips exactly on two layers.
    * "Reset automation override" could default to wrong value.
    * Pressing Stop the second time moves the song position locator to previous start position, it could sometime move to song start if the locator had been repositioned during playback.
    * MIDI import of file with redundant note information is now filtered.
    * Uncombining a Combinator deleted the Combinator's sequencer track. This is now fixed.
    * Reason could take a long time to respond when entering extreme numbers in position editors.
    * Overriding parameter automation by loading a patch did not always indicate automation override. Now fixed.

    Improved workflow in sequencer

    * If a clip is selected in Arrange mode and you switch to Edit mode, the clip is automatically opened for editing. This only happens if the clip is on the current track.
    * You can press [Esc] to close an open clip in Edit mode. If the clip was opened from Arrange mode, this will automatically switch the sequencer back to Arrange mode.
    * Changed Zoom behavior: The program now zooms on the song position locator if it's in view. If not, it zooms towards the left edge of the current view.
    * Drag and drop now also works in left-handed mouse configurations.
    * Text-entry of a tempo with a decimal in the transport panel or when editing the static value was counter-intuitive: Typing something like '120.5' or '120.05' delivered 120.005. This is now fixed.
    * Added label to velocity and pattern lanes.


    * Added Remote support for:
    * Akai MPD24
    * Akai MPD32
    * Akai MPK49
    * Edirol PCR-300/500/800
    * Frontier Design Group Alpha Track
    * Line 6 KB37
    * M-audio ProjectMix I/O
    * M-audio Axiom 25/49/61
    * M-audio Oxygen 8 v2
    * Fixed a performance problem with the Remote Override "learn" feature.


    * Performance problem when having many ReFills installed.
    * Reason could crash when saving if there was more than 300 ReFills installed -fixed.
    * Better error handling while file searching in browser.
    * Broken search for missing sounds in songs created with OS hide extensions enabled - fixed.
    * Changed wording of memory usage in patch browser to avoid confusion.
    * Saving patches in Reason version 4 and ReFill packer had a backward compatibility issue - fixed.
    * Sometime the static value was not imported correctly when loading old songs - fixed.
    * If an opened patch or sample had been moved or deleted while Reason was running this could prevent the user from saving the song - fixed.
    * Reason could in certain cases unexpectedly quit when saving on Mac OS X - fixed.


    * If many devices in a Combinator were programmed to switch "Receive notes" on/off in the Combinator's programmer, some devices responded slower than other devices. This is now fixed.


    * Increased the buffer size of Malström's Comb filter, this fixed problems with high sample rates.


    * Fixed velocity CV and knob/automation lag when in random mode.
    * Fixed broken velocity change of tied single note when in ON-mode.
    * "Render Arpeggio To Track" was broken when pattern automation lane was enabled.
    * New shortcuts: Shift pattern right: Ctrl + J (Win) or Cmd + J (Mac) Shift pattern left: Ctrl + K (Win) or Cmd + K (Mac) Random sequencer pattern: Ctrl +R (Win) or Cmd + R (Mac) Alter Pattern: Ctrl + T (Win) or Cmd + T (Mac)


    * Thor's sequencer have new shortcuts:
    Shift sequencer pattern right: Ctrl + J (Win) or Cmd + J (Mac)
    Shift sequencer pattern left: Ctrl + K (Win) or Cmd + K (Mac)
    Randomize pattern: Ctrl +R (Win) or Cmd + R (Mac)

    Audio Card
    o Reason could go silent if the sample rate was changed in Windows Vista or on an aggregated audio card driver in Mac OS X. This is now fixed.

    o Fixed a ReWire problem with FL Studio, making it more robust.
    o Made Ableton Live and Reason ReWire connection more robust.
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    Danke für den Hinweis - bin ja mal auf das Akai MPD 32 gespannt...
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    Hehe, ist mir auch aufgefallen.
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