RSF PolyKobol II



"Ruben and Serge Fernandez are originating in Tarbes in the south-west of France;in 1972 whereas they start to arrange small modules of sound traffics, they discover the world of the synthetizers thanks to Moog and decide to create their characteristic synthé. In September 1975 they settle in Toulouse to finish their studies, a licence in data processing (Cobol language) for Ruben and a IUT of electric genius for Serge. They first of all build modules to measures at the request of buddies Toulousains musicians.Modular Series 11 are born in 1976.

At the end of 1982 RSF SA is in liquidation and the Company ARIA in Aston in Ariège directed by Mr. Baumesnil repurchases RSF for 100.000 Francs with stock, half of the personnel, a prototype of limps at rate/rhythm the DD10, Ruben Fernandez becomes technical director then and preserves the design of the products.The motivation of ARIA is to diversify its activities and thus wishes that department RSF be very quickly profitable.First Polykobol 2 are finally delivered to the summer 1983 after more than one year of waiting for certain customers who had ordered and paid in advance.The polysequencor and the dynamic keyboard do not walk and the instability of the machine is catastrophic, in spite of a fabulous sound it is a total failure moreover the price of 60.000 Francs the reserve with an elite, Yamaha leaves at the same time the DX7 for 15.000 francs, the numerical revolution starts, exit the analogical monsters.

RSF is now a mark of legend, these instruments are from now on very required for their great sound qualities and the scarcity made climb the prices on the second-hand market.Glory is like often posthumous!"

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