S 10430 Divider/Keyer chip

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  1. oryjen

    oryjen .

    Hi everyone (especially the Korg infected ones! ;-) )

    My Delta and Lambda are getting wrong these days...
    I'm looking for two S10430 chips to get my lush polyphony back.
    Has anyone here got some of these? Or complete generator's board ? (Not complete synth, 'cause I'm in France and the shipping would cost more than the components I need)

    Thanx a lot.
  2. fanwander

    fanwander |||||||


    try to get one of these FARFISA organs: FK-40, FK-50, Lido, Prado, Scala. Those use the 10430. I once slaughtered a Lido (incredible huge thing), to repair a Roland RS09.


    EDIT Si tu es de la Haut-Savoie: http://www.leboncoin.fr/instruments_de_ ... 724146.htm. Et il fault attendre jusqu'à ce que le prix baisse ;-)