sdiy treffen deutschland



kam grad auf der sdiy mailingliste:


the sometimes-annual German Synth DIY Meeting has been scheduled for the
weekend October 17 to 19. After 2 years of interruption, we are glad to
be back on the scene :)

It will be held near Aachen in the western part of Germany, right at the
Dutch and Belgian border. We have a convention room with in-house
accomodation and catering.

If anybody (maybe from the Netherlands or Belgium too? *) would like to
join, please give me a note, so I can order additional beds.

Some basic info on what it's about:
- Home-brew devices are most certainly welcome, but interesting
commercial synths aren't a no-no either, in particular if modded. PA
and mixing console will be provided.
- There is no planned time table of events (apart from the traditional
unplanned jam session some time late at night...).
- Beginning is on friday afternoon to evening, depending on journey
duration. It ends on sunday after breakfast.
- Cost for accommodation and full catering is 54 EUR per day and person
(2 bed rooms, single rooms are 9 EUR extra, IIRC).


*: usually german is spoken, but I'm sure english wouldn't be a problem
for most of us


hmmm also datum steht in dem post
"has been scheduled for the
weekend October 17 to 19."

nen link hab ich leider auch noch keinen... ich muss mal nachfragen obs da auch ne page zu gibt...

bisher weis ich nicht mehr als in dem posting steht, leider...


sooo, hab nochmal nachgefragt.
webseite gibts keine dazu...
wer fragen hat soll sich an christian wenden. e-mail addy gibts wegen den spambots bei mir per pm.

termin wird sich wohl noch ändern, weils probleme mit der buchung gab. grad istd er 3.10. ins auge gefasst.

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