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Buy This Digital Silke F Track - €100 EUR​

Hello. My name is Silke F. I sometimes sell my music very expensive because there are always people who have money and who can afford it. I offered and sold a song from me for 100 € and there was actually someone who bought it. I think I´m the only one thats able to sell a song for 100 €. 100 € are equal to 121 dollars. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans and people who want to buy my music. I am for sure the most expensive artist on the internet who sells his music more expensive than anyone else who has a record deal and label.

It's not about the money and that's why I've offered my music completely free for years, but on the other hand I am of the opinion that if you want to make money, you should make real money and not just a little. My music is one of the most expensive kind of music, that you can buy on internet.

As a small thank you, I would like to produce an ambient album and offer it for a less expansive price. I don't care if people illegally download it on YouTube. I want to thank all fans and there will also be a new ambient album which is produced exclusively for Bandcamp and it will not be published on YouTube.

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