hab vorhin diese mail erhalten, meint ihr es wäre ne gute sache?

My name is Danny Bryant, and I am a project manager with Quickstar Productions, as well as a musician. I heard your song, “Airport” and thought it would be a great fit on our Electric Underground comp CD. Quickstar Productions is a company that specializes in designing music-marketing campaigns and supplying digital distribution services for record labels and independent artists. In 2005, Quickstar Productions released its first Comp CD as a way to promote unsigned artists. This CD was extraordinarily successful in accomplishing its mission! Over the years the company has built off that success and perfected a marketing plan to maximize exposure for the artist. Quickstar Productions is based out of Baltimore, MD and is an active member of the Maryland Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating.

“Electric Underground” is a CD designed to raise money and awareness for the issue of climate change through partnerships with the Go Green Initiative and A Brighter Planet. Keeping with the spirit of helping our environment this will be a green CD. It will be printed on recycled paper with natural inks. Money raised from this CD will be donated to charities like the Go Green Initiative, as well as organizations like Brighter Planet who help lower the carbon footprint of corporations and individuals. On top of their financial contributions, Quickstar Productions believes in helping to raise awareness and continuing education on important environmental issues like climate change.

We really want this CD to make a difference to our planet, but we also want it to be advantageous to the artists on it as well. Therefore we have designed a complete marketing plan for the CD. “Electric Underground” will be marketed and made available in the following ways:

1. PHYSICAL SALES: You will receive 50 copies of the CD to sell at whatever price you choose. These will be professionally produced, retail ready CD’s. We recommend selling them for $8. That way you can make $400. You keep 100% of your sales. This is a great way to get more merchandise to sell at your shows and also a way to target other fans in your genre. The idea is that when each artist sells their 50 copies, the other artists on the CD will have their music exposed to other fans of your genre of music. Therefore, your song will be exposed to many new listeners.

2. DIGITAL SALES: The compilation will be made available for sale in all digital stores including iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, and Amazon. Your song will also be available as a ringtone that your fans may purchase. You will receive 50% of profits generated.

3. EXPOSURE: The CD will be sent to record labels, marketing, and management firms. Along with the CD, a booklet featuring your picture and bio will be made available so they can learn a little bit more about you. In addition, free promo copies will be handed out at concerts in the Baltimore/Washington area. Quickstar Productions will also promote the album through the use of MySpace.

4. RADIO: The CD will be sent to college and internet radio stations and be featured on various podcasts throughout the world.

5. NETWORKING: Developing a network with other musicians is key to one’s success. This comp CD is a chance to do so. You will be provided with all the other artists’ information before the CD is released so that you can start show swapping with one another, networking and helping each other out.

To have your song included on our upcoming compilation CD please visit our website, Quickstarproductions com, to download the submission forms. We do not charge a fee to be on “Electric Underground” but we do ask that you purchase 50 CD’s to distribute at cost ($165). That way we can cover the costs of the project so that as large of portion of the proceeds can be donated as possible. This will be the only cost to you. One of the most important parts of this project is getting the CD into the hands of fans. The more CD’s that you are able to distribute the more exposure everyone gets.

Please check out www QuickstarProductions com for more info on this compilation. Since we plan to release this CD as soon as possible, we ask that all submissions be returned within the next few weeks. If you're interested and you'd like to talk more about the project, feel free to contact me! I try to check MySpace but I'm more easily reachable through e-mail or by phone. Thanks, and I hope to hear back from you soon! We appreciate your interest in helping fight climate change.

Take care,

PS. If you would like to check out the other CD’s we have done they are available on iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Amazon, etc, just search for “Quickstar Productions”.


Die übliche Masche halt. Hab das früher auch mal gemacht und sogar initiiert. Es führt dazu, dass viele Leute viele CDs im Schrank haben oder ein paar zum verkaufen, aber alle verhoffen sich Promo, dennoch sind es ja idR leute die genau darin nicht so gut sind.
Das ist meine Erfahrung, besonders wenn man da selbst noch bezahlen soll und man nicht weiss, welcher Qualität der Rest auf dem Ding so ist.
Kriegt man auf Myspace und Co immer wieder. Genau deshalb nervt Myspace hier und da auch immer mal gern.

Will denen nix unterstellen, kann ja auch gut sein oder gut gemeint. Das ist klar. Aber kann auch anders..


MAchen auch div. Magazine. Wurde schon mehrmals von Synthetik oder Synthetics oder so gefragt. 200€ und so. Echtnicht.


In einer Community oder sowas fänd ich das super, aber ohne diese Reinholwerbesachen.