Simple MIDI opto and setup

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  1. yoho

    yoho .

    Hi all,

    I've been busy building the last (?) simplesizer of the batch :) And things are working out ok (only a couple of minor problems so far). In a couple of building hours I think I'm ready to setup my simple.

    Thomas kindly offered me a Simple MIDI pcb at the time of buying. Built it as well, but I'm having a bit of a problem. Actually two...

    1. I tried to use a different opto for the MIDI input (a CNY17-II) but I'm not sure if the board is working. Could be because of the different opto OR because I don't know how it works.
    Can anybody tell me what to expect when I push the button and what to do next?

    2. Can (problably the same "anybody") confirm that I have to adjust one resistor (3k3 I think) to say 1k for the CNY to work?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. tulle

    tulle ...

    Welcher optokoppler ist normalerweise drin? PC900? Vergleiche das Pinning in den Datenblättern, ich meine da war ein Unterschied. Generell ist ein CNY17-2 ausreichend für MIDI.
  3. yoho

    yoho .

    normally 6N136 should be installed, but because the shop was closed (they do at night) I installed a CNY17. Difference is that 6N136 has a darlington-transistor and a separate opto-diode instead of a light dependant transistor like the CNY.

    In the meantime I found a
    french page from a guy who has tested a couple of them. I'll try replacing the resistor and report my observations, ok?
  4. yoho

    yoho .

    Proudly reporting :D

    Replacing the resistor t 1k did the job. Now it's responing to MIDI.

    Moving to problem 2: setup...
  5. comboy

    comboy ....

    the button is for setting the lowest note if i remember right.
    push it, then play the lowest note on your midi keyboard.
  6. yoho

    yoho .

    Thank you for this missing link :D

    I'll go on and try to setup this baby. 2 pots can't be much.

    And after that I can setup my simplesizer....