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  1. HI
    ich will den simplesizer machen aber ich kann nicht suchen die erklarung uber den VCO,VCF,VCA wie es functionniert in theorie und wie sie sind
    bauen um zu functionnieren allezuzammen.
    hat jemanden ein PDF fur mich
    vielen dank.
    P.S:wenn es in english ist,wurde es besser :D
  2. Anonymous

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    Maybe the Hobbit-Page from Elby-Designs helps a bit:

    The Hobbit is something of a clone of the original SimpleSizer from Anyware Instruments.
    There is also a link to the SimpleSizer page but the information there is fully in english AFAICS.
  3. Anonym

    Anonym .

    je n'ai toujours pas commencé mon simplesizer, mais avant de le faire je voulais me faire un plan complet... je peux aussi bien le faire en anglais.

    la question est quand je le ferai...

    pour l'instant, je crois que tout ce qui est disponible est ici:
  4. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    always feel free to ask , you can also contace thomas "anyware"..
    and the documentation is here: DIY (Synth Mod/Selbstbau)

    it is only how to make it but not exactly how it works, thats right.. sorry..
    it was a simple project here on the forum. so most of the infos are here and some in the old forum

    for questions please prefer to ask here.. I closed the old one and it's lots of ads on it now since i stopped paying for it.. ;-)
  5. hi
    as i have understood the soustractive synthesis take a signal filled with harmonics and we take a filter to "choose" one of these filter.the question is how can you generate such a signal starting to the saw signal?
  6. :roll:
    entschuldingung ich habe verstehe dass der saw signal hat merhere harmonics inhein.
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    Here is a sample from the Novation SuperNova manual: