[SOJ-009] Mantra Remixes


Bald ist es soweit!

Am 31. März kommt die Mantra Remixes Compilation auf Sounds of Jericho raus mit klasse Remixen von Køps, Sorí, Evosonic Radio Gründer Chris Maico Schmidt, Hübschmann, Anschein, Studiogegner und einem neuen Mix von mir!

Am gleichen Tag wird auch eine Release Party im Schlosskeller Darmstadt stattfinden, wo alle Remixer spielen werden: https://www.facebook.com/events/898875448124276

Hier die ersten Snippets:

Die Tracks in voller Länge gibt es hier auch bald, spätestens zum Release Date!

[SOJ-009] Mantra Remixes - Press Text

7 years ago the Deep Techno track "Mantra" was originally texted and produced by JOIX and from then on marked a special kind of artistic moment whenever it was played by DJ's or during his live sets.
"Mantra" stands for the essence of electronic music and deep passion JOIX always is driven by when he is dancing on raves, playing a liveact or working at his home studio on new tracks.
With this release six artists created their very own interpretation of "Mantra":
1. Køps' Remix uses similar elements of the original track from 2015 and transforms it to a minimalistic Micro Funk tune with nice broken beats and deep basses.
2. Sori's work doesn't fit in any drawer, for her outstanding interpretation she recorded the vocals based on her own voice and added beautiful melodies and harmonics to it within a great arrangement.
3. The remix of Evosonic radio founder Chris Maico Schmidt brings a happy and groovy mood to the whole EP with lots of instrumental elements such as bongos, guitar or piano and fits perfect to the sets of DJ's who prefer playing House or Tech House tracks.
4. The fluffy interpretation of Huebschmann values the four words "Rhythmus" (rhythm), "Rausch" (rush), "Tiefe" (Deepness), "Liebe" (Love) and is such an enjoyment to listen and move the feets to.
5. Anschein.'s masterpiece comes with enormous broken drums, massive basses and some surprising house elements and so creates an impressive deep and huge atmosphere.
6. Studiogegner jumps on this EP with a high-energetic Deep Techno tune containing psychedelic elements, refreshing vibes and a british rave feeling in a very uplifting way.
7. Finally JOIX made a new mix of "Mantra" as well, a hypnotic Techno stomper with increasing melodic synth-lines and a powerful bass paired with the original vocals leading to an ethernal space at the end of this EP.

Lyrics of "Mantra" (with english translation):

Der Raum (The space)
Die Zeit (The time)
Die Bewegung (The movement)
Die Nacht (The night)
Das Ritual (The ritual)
Die Sterne (The stars)
Der Mond (The moon)
Die Kraft (The force)
Das All (The universe)
Der Drang (The urge)
Die Lust (The desire)
Die Wirkung (The effect)
Der Schwung (The momentum)
Der Sog (The suction)
Der Bass (The bass)
Der Rhythmus (The rhythm)
Der Tanz (The dance)
Die Energie (the energy)
Der Rausch (The rush)
Die Liebe (The Love)
Das Feuer (The fire)
Das Wasser (The water)
Die Erlösung (The salvation)
Der Fluss (The Flow)
Die Tiefe (The deepness)
Die Farben (The colours)
Der Moment (The moment)
Der Genuss (The enjoyment)
Die Zeichen (The signs)
Das Omen (The omen)
Der Gral (The grail)
Der Zauber (The spell)
Der Strom (The power)
Der Funke (The spark)
Das Licht (The light)
Die Magie (The magic)
Hier noch ein Video auf Facebook vom vorletzten Wochenende wo ich den Mantra Ethernal Space Mix live gespielt habe: