some dubby soundscapes....

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  1. markel

    markel Tach

  2. Schönes Video ! Der Sound paßt sehr gut zum Film. Haste die Aufnahmen selbst gemacht ?
  3. markel

    markel Tach

    Thanks. Only the music was produced by me. The movie by Colin Rich in Los Angeles.
  4. StrobeJams

    StrobeJams Tach

    Beautiful. Thanky you so much for this.

  5. markel

    markel Tach

    Welcome, great you like it!
    It will be realsed soon on the canadian label Obsolete Components on an Ambient collection. Stay tuned!
  6. rubberjul

    rubberjul Tach

    AMAZING tune!!!! great ambient stuff thanks :waaas:

    how did you do it??? what gear did you use?
  7. markel

    markel Tach

    Regarding gear used fot the production: TG77 (pads), Prophet 5 (stabs), lexicon pcm 80 and yamaha E1010.

    To produce the background atmospheres you hear I usually use the EFX chain 90-100% wet. This give a much more soft sound.

    if you need more info let me know.
  8. Multiple

    Multiple Tach

    Very nice tune and great video :)

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