some dubby soundscapes....

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  1. markel

    markel .

  2. Schönes Video ! Der Sound paßt sehr gut zum Film. Haste die Aufnahmen selbst gemacht ?
  3. markel

    markel .

    Thanks. Only the music was produced by me. The movie by Colin Rich in Los Angeles.
  4. Beautiful. Thanky you so much for this.

  5. markel

    markel .

    Welcome, great you like it!
    It will be realsed soon on the canadian label Obsolete Components on an Ambient collection. Stay tuned!
  6. AMAZING tune!!!! great ambient stuff thanks :waaas:

    how did you do it??? what gear did you use?
  7. markel

    markel .

    Regarding gear used fot the production: TG77 (pads), Prophet 5 (stabs), lexicon pcm 80 and yamaha E1010.

    To produce the background atmospheres you hear I usually use the EFX chain 90-100% wet. This give a much more soft sound.

    if you need more info let me know.
  8. Very nice tune and great video :)