Sorí - Beltane EP

Heute ist die EP "Beltane" von Sorí auf Sounds of Jericho erschienen:

Hier noch etwas Text zu dieser feinen EP:

With Sorí's EP "Beltane" you are invited to let yourself fall into a symphony of dreams.
"Beltane", an ancient festival of the bright fire, stands for the transition from long winter nights to shining summer days and is hold on 1st May every year.
At Beltane you come in deep touch with your fantastic life and be able to see the brightest light in the deepest darkness.
Like the intention of this festival Sorí's music opens the gates between the worlds, accompinied by a mystic bird, the raven, who is the mediator of the worlds and crows out his messages in your ears.
It's about life and love and how everything is connected like told us by the memories of ancient wisdom.
With her shimmering sounds of intuition and illusion, Sorí invites you to a hypnotic and transpersonal journey, a flight through your feelings, your inner cosmos and beauty.
So close your eyes, listen carefully, spread your black wings and have a delightful flight!

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