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  1. hi,

    i am looking for a solution to sync my 303 with a boss dr 660. do you have such solution? i could maybe get a friend to lend a novation drumstation. question is if i could sync the 303 with my boss dr 660 and then my 101 .

    two options possible?
    option 1 with novation:
    midi sync a novation from my boss dr. 660 and then from the novation to the 303 through din sync. ideally id like to use the dr660 as sequencer master and use the novation with the pads of the boss and then din sync my 303 over the novation. is that possible?
    option 2 without novation:
    could i just sync the 303 from my boss dr660 with a midi to sync box? then cv/gate to my 101 from the 303.

    is that possible?

    which miditosync boxes do you recommend?

    kind regards,

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    Hello andreas,

    there are some standalone converters, e.g. the Doepfer MSY2, Philip Rees MDS or the Korg KMS-30 (Korg SQD-1 has an integrated KMS-30 function). But AFAIK Korg uses a different DIN sync signal of 48 ppq instead of 24 ppq, that causes the slave to run half or double speed (depending on setup). See also:

    The Roland TR-707 and TR-727 have also an MIDI and DIN-Sync, which allow MIDI-Sync to be converted to DIN Sync. The Acidlab Bassline (a 303 clone) also has a MIDI-In and Sync-I/O which converts MIDI Sync to DIN sync.

    AFAIK the CV/Gate output of the 303 only sends the note data from the 303 sequencer. The CV signal (=control voltage) controls the note value (pitch), the gate signal controls the note length. there's no way to sync via CV/Gate! But you can use a simple Y-cable (one in, two out) to sync two devices with only one DIN sync output. this only works with DIN sync, not with MIDI!
  3. Hello,

    You can buy a kenton pro midi to cv converter,

    are talking about a TB303 or MC?