Synth Anatomy of INSIGHT - second Parallel Worlds CD album.

Ok, here we go:
Track1(Mechanical Mood): starting effects f

Ok, here we go:
Track1(Mechanical Mood): starting effects from korg MS10, more effects from FS1r, drums from Korg ER1 plus NI Generator, synth effects from SH101, bass from Roland SH2, e-piano from Nord Micromodular, middle section bass from Nord Rack1, phaser strings from Nord Micromodular, metallic sound from fs1r. that;s an old track from 2001.

Track2(Dark and Blue): starting <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from A100 modular made with A199 spring reverb, low bass drum from A100, synth bass from Doepfer A100, drums from Korg ER1, high synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from A100, melodic sound from Roland JP8000, bass sound in middle from A100, bell sounds from Yamaha FS1r, second spring reverb sound from Doepfer A100, distorted <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from EMS VCS3 mk1 sampled into Korg ES1, haunting synth from JP8000, more drums from Korg ES1, ending effects from Korg MS20+SQ10. track from 2002.

Track3(Detailed Matter): staring low strings from Roland JP8000, effect <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from EMS VCS3 mk1, drums from Analogue Solutions Concussor module plus gliding vco sound from Integrator RS95 vco module. Noise fx from A100, high <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from AS Integrator, more high pitched fx from EMS VCS3 mk1, epiano sound from Nord Micromodular, middle section disharmonic <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence made with A100;s subharmonic generator module controlled via A155 analogue Sequencer, sub-bass sound from A100, spring reverb/noise fx from A100. track from 2003.

Track4(The Past): piano from Emax2, sine bass <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Doepfer A100;s filter module into self-oscillation mode, spring reverb effects from A100, bell-like sounds from FS1r, gliding synth effects from AS Integrator;s EMS diode filter and trapezoid modules, drums from Analogue Solutions Concussor modular processed thru A100, extra synth effects from A100 using linear fm of vco, dead people;s choir from mellotron samples of Emax2, ending pitched noise <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from A100 filtered noise thru filter near self oscillation, plus more EMS filter sounds from Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular. track from 2003.

Track5(Hollow Minds): starting synth effect made with my voice manipulated thru Roland S750 sampler, starting bass <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Doepfer A100 modular sampled into Emax2, noise pad from Roland JP8000, drums from Korg ER1, phased sound from Korg MS2000r, synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Korg Monopoly controlled via A155 Sequencer, synth line from FS1r, bass from A100, high synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from arp odyssey mk2 controlled via second A155 Sequencer, vocoder-like synth sound from A100 using A127 triple resonance filter module, reverse guitar-like sound from FS1r. track from 2001.

Track6(Salty Air): bass from korg MS20, pad from korg MS2000r, synth line from Roland JP8000, bell-like sound from FS1r, epiano-like sound from Nord Micromodular, drums from Concussor modular, fill-in drums from Korg Minipops120p drum machine sampled into Emax2, voice effects from Concussor;s 8bit voice wavetable module controlled via A155, noise fx from Doepfer A100 modular, filtered drums <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from A100, high portamento <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from A100 modular, extra filter noise <a href="">Sequencer</a>uences from Doepfer A100 modular. track from 2003.

Track7(Insight): starting fx <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from EMS VCS3 mk1 sampled and manipulated into Korg ES1, bass from A100, metallic <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Roland JP8000, melodic sound from Emax2, dark piano from Emax2, drums from Korg ES1 plus EMS VCS3, reverse string sound from EMS VCS3 mk1, e-piano from Nord Micromodular, gliding down low synth from EMS VCS3 mk1, extra drums from Concussor modular, synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Doepfer A100, weird noise melody from A100 made with A126 frequency shifter module, click-like <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Analogue Systems Integrator modular, bass from Technosaurus Selector processed thru AS Integrator;s BBD Chorus module. trsck from 2003.

track8(Dying Earth): starting flute from mellotron samples of Emax2, bass from Roland SH2, breaking glass-like <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Korg ER1, more synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uences from Korg EA1, synth fx from Yamaha CS15 processed thru lexicon vortex, bell-like sounds from FS1r, e-piano sound from Nord Micromodular, flanger bass from Roland SH101, high-pitch synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Korg MS2000r. track from 2001.

track9(Non Linear): starting effects from EMSVCS3 mk1, drums from Korg ES1 and from Korg ER1 processed thru A100 modular, flute from mellotron samples of Emu Emax2, string pad from Roland RS09 string machine processed with A125 phaser module, various fx from EMS VCS3 mk1, bass from korg MS20, synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from second MS20+SQ10, spring reverb/filtered noise fx <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from A100 modular, e-piano sound from Nord Micromodular, string sounds from FS1r, more synth fx from Doepfer A100 using linear -fm synthesis, phaser synth line from FS1r, disharmonic sound fx from A100 using A126 frequency shifter, ending melodic <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from Yamaha FS1r. track from 2002.

track10(Mind Breath): drums from Analogue Solutions Concussor modular, mechanic effects from Doepfer A100;s A112 8bit sampler module in vc-wavetable mode, grain-like voice effects from second A112 8bit sampler module in vc-wavetable mode, voice from FS1r, dark piano from Emax2, synth <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from korg MS20+SQ10, main 4-voice polyphonic synth sound from Doepfer A100 using 8 vco's 4 lowpass and 4 highpass filters in series, plus 4 vca;s and 4 lfo modules controlled thru mcv24 in 4voice poly mode processed thru Integrators RS290 VC-delay module. wierd synth sound from Doepfer A100 modular plus BBD Comb filter module of AS Integrator, ending bass <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence from korg MS20 controlled via korg SQ10 analogue Sequencer. Formant voices from Yamaha fs1r. track from 2003.

in general, about 8 Analogue Step Sequencers were used for the INSIGHT album tracks all synchronized with MIDI via the Doepfer A190 midi-cv/sync interface and the Doepfer MCV24 interface. The sychronisations were made in various time divisions using the a160/161 Clock Divider and Sequencer modules and the A162 Dual Trigger Delay modules. The analogue Sequencers that were used were: six Doepfer A155;s modules, one AS Integrator RS200 module and one Korg SQ10. and, of course, for controlling the various analogue mono-synths and modulars via CV/Gate, I used three Kenton Pro-Solo midi-cv interfaces and one Kenton Pro-2000 midi-cv interface and one Doepfer MCV24 midi-cv interface. Midi continues controllers were *translated* into control voltages using the Doepfer A191 midi-cv module.
also, for some of the EMS VCS3 sounds, the EMS DK1 keyboard was connected to the VCS3, so that i can obtain pitched sounds in the exact pitch i wanted and also utilise the 4th vco that's onboard the DK1 keyboard as an extra audio and modulation source for even more unconventional VCS3 sounds.

Anyway, i hope you like the music... :)

you can see some of the synth stuff that was used for the creation of that album here:

btw, this album is of course available from CDbaby, Tower records, Groove Unlimited ( among other outlets... and as an mp3 download from i-tunes, yahoo! music and many more download services.

Best regards, :)
impressive, but the link needs a login..
anything on the fr

impressive, but the link needs a login..
anything on the free web? or like this forum (open to read for everyone?)
cool!! why not putting them into your gear section (click on

cool!! why not putting them into your gear section (click on live/gear Foto edit) and upload 6 pics.. they are all cool..

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hope that guy "modulator" gives his ok .. here are the pics ;-)

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2 EMS !! yummy!!

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