Synth sights in Berlin? Other than Schneider's Büro?

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  1. Howdy-doody!

    I'm visiting Berlin mid-September and I'm thinking it'd be fun to visit some local synth stores. I know about Schneider's Büro and I'm definetly visiting them, but are there any other notable synthesizer stores, etc.? I'm especially interested in analogue stuff, new and vintage.

    Any other Berlin tips?

    - CM
  2. There's so much to visit in Berlin that it would be a pity to waste time with synthesizers imho.
  3. there is also SchraubundDreh (great fun to translate: screw and turn :lol:) who have vintage gear, not sure if the shop is open - you can contact them via myspace

    but bluescreen is right - don't waste your time on gear, there is amongst many other things the Nofretete and the gate of Babylon to see! Shivers on the backspine included ;-)
  4. :D Heh! No worries there, my girlfriend has already planned a months worth of places to see and visit... And we'll only be there for a week! :lol: I'm thinking a little synth gazing will be a welcome relief in the midst of hectic museum/gallery/etc. rambling. Especially when there are absolutely no serious synth retailers in Finland... And anyways, my GF has to do her shopping, something I wish to take no part in, so I have some time to kill in the meantime.

    But yeah, Nofretete is already in the plans... As is beer :)

    - CM
  5. Stay off from local brands unless you're into headache. Yes, they're that worse. By the way Schneiders Büro is directly at the Alex (Alexanderplatz) thus perfectly located for tourists: East Berlin architecture, shopping facilities near by (Oranienburgerstraße, Rosenthalerstraße), commercial and not so commercial [] and non-commercial cinemas []...
  6. Moogulator

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    You should visit computerbase, the "spaceship underneath the surface"..
    Sort of café..

    No Synths but nice.

    Sound & Drumland is not notably interesting but it's in a nice location called "Kulturbrauerei" @ Prenzlauer Berg.
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    nullpunkt ....

  8. Thank you all for your tips... I have to write these down :)

    Vielen Danke!

    - CM
  9. martyn

    martyn .

    Thats where I spent 4 hours today with a friend, very nice playground for adult boys ;-)