does this look like there is no real big interest in english sections?
I will move this and leave it for questions like I did with the old english section on the old forum..

so there is a section if you like an english answer..
Maybe you put a sticky in each Category where you explain that english posts are welcome and that the answers to such posts should also be in english.

well it's this section titled ENGLISH.. but english posts will be answered in english since most ppl speak english as well in the german section.. but maybe it feels less exotic in a special language section..

I'd not open other language sections ,so its no more than english and german..

unfortunately my spanish, chinese and french is too bad to do the same ;-) well, possibly this forum is not available in china anyway..

I am aware of the "new" thing takes time since I closed the old section.. this is something like an offer for all who like to email or post things or just tell things about the site , synths, etc..

so it will be part of the site...

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