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  1. Ich hoffe es isk ok, wenn ich den E-mailtext so weiterreiche:

    Dear friend,

    As you probably know things are changing here in the Netherlands and it is becoming very clear that we can no longer rely on state funding to run STEIM.
    We are looking for new (and old) ways for funding our safe house for live electronic music.
    We don't want to close and we don't want to sell out. We want to stay open and curious and we want to still be there for you the next time you need us.

    Things will change. We are trying to allow new types of ideas to emerge and avoid calcified and safe solutions.
    We have always prided ourselves in being able to draw lines across disciplinary divides and see new opportunities for music. We hope that we can do the same for our organisation.

    If you like what we do and want to help us do more of it - please consider becoming a Friend of STEIM.

    The setup is simple. You pay 50 Euros a year, we won't beg and plead and auto renew. We will however buy you a drink the next time we see you.
    Consider buying a membership for that musician in your life who has nothing. Feel free to circulate this email widely.

    STEIM has always seen itself not primarily as an institution but as a cultural network. Our friends have always been what made it all possible and interesting.
    Please join us and together we will play our way through.

    Thank you for being a friend of STEIM.

    Yours sincerely,

    STEIM staff

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