Valhalla VintageReverb 1.5 Update

ValhallaDSP lebt, dass ist doch mal erfreulich. :)

Es sollen wohl sämtliche Plugins ein Update bekommen haben. Bis jetzt gibt es allerdings nur Mails an bestehende Nutzer und den Tweet hier....

- Dirty Hall (new in 1.5.0). A fresh look at the Concert Hall algorithm, with the goal being to emulate the strange fixed point and convertor artifacts of early 80s reverb hardware. Lusher and denser than the Concert Hall algorithm, with loads of warmth and grit on tap, for a roughly hewn beauty. Plug in your analog synth and send yourself into retro sci-fi heaven.

- Dirty Plate (new in 1.5.0). All the warm and gritty artifacts of Dirty Hall, applied to an old-school digital plate algorithm. High echo density, wide stereo image, and just the right amount of metallic sheen. Drums come alive when sent through Dirty Plate.

- Smooth Plate (new in 1.5.0). The complete opposite of Dirty Plate. Smooth decay at all settings, from short to near-eternal. Lush chorusing, with none of the metal found in Dirty Plate. The most transparent and naturalistic reverb in ValhallaVintageVerb. Crank up the Size parameter, and float off into space!

- Smooth Room (new in 1.5.0). A smooth and transparent room reverb, in the Smooth Plate style. Useful for emulating the Room/Hall algorithms of late 1980s hardware, as well as getting clear reverberation with low amounts of coloration.

- Smooth Random (new in 1.5.0). A random room/hall algorithm, with transparent decays that can be adjusted from tiny to huge. Randomized delay modulation, similar to Random Space, but with a much tighter initial attack and smoother decay. A good “jack of all trades” reverb algorithm.

- Nonlin (new in 1.5.0). Gated, reverse, and nonlinear reverbs are all on tap here. Use Size to control the duration of the reverb, and Attack to smoothly interpolate between a truncated reverb, a “flat” gated decay, and huge reverse reverbs. Lush chorusing modulation on tap, for your shoegazing needs.
öfters hier
Der VallhallaRoom wurde auf 1.1.1 angehoben

ValhallaRoom Customers,

I am happy to announce that ValhallaRoom has been updated to Version 1.1.1. The changes:
New Reverb Mode: Dense Room.
64-bit AAX, for running in Pro Tools 11.
32/64-bit VST, 32/64-bit AU, and RTAS, for running everywhere else.
Various code updates and bug fixes.
Sö Sünteßeisör !
den Vintageverb 1.5 habe ich vor einer Weile von Sean als Beta bekommen als ich meinen DL Link für die Vollversion verbummelt hatte. Die neuen 'Nonlin' Reverbmodes sind imo eine gute Ergänzung :supi:

Ich arbeite bei den Snares für die Band genrebedingt sehr viel mit Gated Reverbs usw. , da kam der Nonlin Modus wie gerufen.

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