Yamaha RS7000 and AIEB2

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  1. Hi there,

    i own Yamaha RS7000 with AIEB2 expansion and have some big trouble with record via SPDIF IN, yamaha records only noise whatever i play. I try record from waldorf Q, alesis multimix out, esi quatafire and many other gears with digital output. SPDIF in yamaha always record the same noise :sad:

    Is there anybody who can help?? maybe i do something wrong? (i'm new in digital recording).

    many thanks for any reply - bad or good ;-)

  2. Hi the problem thet you have is some like the SPDIF dont work ,i have the same Yamaha RS but i record all my samples on my computer becose is more flexible and after then reimport the wave files in the Yamaha RS whit the smart media.I realy dont use the SPDIF but the problem is strange.
  3. motone

    motone ||

    make sure that both sides have the same settings (16bit and 44.1 kHz). Sounds like the source has a different data stream (e.g. 24bit sample resolution or 48 kHz sample frequency).