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– Moogulator – abstract restructured clicks and beats
– dAdA-iNN – iNNtelligent beatZ
– Consequence – ebm+industrial mind movie
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Moogulator @ Aachen – today 20:00

since WAS temporaly down – here’s the reminder.…
weil die Site gerade temporär defekt WAR, diese Information hier…

Playing a concert in Aachen, NRW at 8:00 PM today at AZ Aachen

-> you can get tickets at the door – es gibt eine Abendkasse!
20:00 doors open
Ticket: 10 Euro
Az Aachen, Vereinsstr. 25, 530165 Aachen

Bunker Noise IIIbunker noise 3 moogulator
Moogulator live @ Aachen 20:00, AZ, Vereinsstr.25

more referring to the set I will be using …

live set 2016 aachen moogulator
live set 2016 aachen moogulator

recent news – aktuell
Moogulator livesets can be seen here..

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Moogulator Live Action (2016)

just played some shows recently – upcoming concerts are these:

– 4. 6. 2016 Aachen – Bunker Noise Three
– 11. 9. 2016 Noise Berlin
– 13. 9. 2016 Playground A/V Berlin, audiovisual art festival

here’s a mixture of things to listen to..

in Berlin

in Essen with Synthi A (a very minimal set)

from 6:30 (at Modular Meeting)

thanks for listening, support and appreciation!

Bunker Noise III



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13.9. Moogulator @ MUK.E 15 Festival, Dortmund, FZW – 2015

will be playing this gig with modular synths and a special set just for this event. yes – it’s 2 sets – so if you want to listen you need to be there eary – I am booked to be the nerd so I do the nerdic walking..

Kritik Schwarzes Bayern sagt dazu..

Moogulator live @ MUK.E 2015 Festival Dortmund
Moogulator live @ MUK.E 2015 Festival Dortmund
Moogulator @ MUK.E 2015 Dortmund - Festival with The Hacker, Esplendor Geometrico etc..
Moogulator @ MUK.E 2015 Dortmund – Festival with The Hacker, Esplendor Geometrico etc..

one of my impression images from stage..
find more here 13.9.2015 MUK.E 15 – Dortmund / images…
moogulator_muke15 2015-09-16 um 17.56.53

Muk_E 15

moogulator muke15
muke 15

pics / updates – more: 13.9.2015 MUK.E 15 – Dortmund, Esplendor Geometrico, Moogulator, Cervello Elettronico, The Hacker uva.

mehr / more

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15.8. Moogulator @ LSB TV – SAT night 0:00 / Livestream & DVB-T

I will play a live set at this tv station in Berlin – sent to you via streaming and if you are in berlin – dvb-t as well on LSB TV.starting at saturday night at 0:00 (sat to sun) -> View post


Um 23:59 am Samstag Abend am 15.8.2015 (sa auf so)
gibt es ein Moogulator Live Set in LSB TV – das wird live sein und nicht aufgezeichnet werden. LSB ist Liquid Sky Berlin und kann über Antenne und Stream angeschaut werden.

über den Sender von Alex.TV

(offizieller flyer kommt noch / official flyer will be here soon)


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12.-14.3. Moogulator – Berlin Performance Days

Be prepared ‪#‎Berlin‬ ‪#‎Moogulator‬ 2 appear @ TV

• 14.3. LSB = Liquid Sky Berlin TV –  ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin // LiquidSkyBerlin FB
Starting SAT at Midnight – till SUN 6:00 in the morning
to be broadcasted once via DVB-T (Antenna) & Stream
lsb tv / alex tv moogulator
possibly more – check this or my FB Profile for updates

previous concerts..

• 12.3. Ground Experiments (FB) – mehr / more info

• 13.3. Urban Spree / In Existase (FB) / mehr / more Info

Lineup – auch gut geeignet für Leute, die nicht so gern auf Parties gehen weil ihnen der Sound zu sehr 4/4 Standard ist, denn hier wird’s anders und Kameras sind erlaubt. Wir haben nichts zu verbergen ;)

2200║█║Pilote Totivs al. Artichâut
0315║█║frank martiniq
0645║█║Por No

2330║█║Felix Le Plat
0300║█║Raumagent Alpha
0445║█║Mega Dag
0630║█║Printz von Tellair


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13.3.15 Berlin, Moogulator, Raumagent Alpha, Snitch, Zuckerjohnny, Tocalaboca |In Existase @ Urban Spree

will play here – soon.
13.3.2015 Berlin 
In Existase Festival @ Urban Spree –
Raumagent Alpha,

lineup with more VJ, DJs and more…

just check your calendar if you are in Berlin in March..

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9. – 12.10.2014 Maschinenfest 2k14, Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle | Moogulator

Time to post the Maschinenfest here as well – will be there playing (Sunday) and DJing (Thursday)

Zeit Das Maschinenfest auch hier zu posten, werde 2x dort aktiv und sonst passiv dabei sein ;)

9.10  Warmup (free! / kostenfrei)

360 minutes, 6 djs.
Timetable (so far):
2200-2300 BlackWidow (Assimilate, Philadelphia, USA)
2300-0000 Mic (Moogulator)
0000-0100 Thedi (13th Monkey / gnm)
0100-0200 DJ Basstardo (the swiss army-knife from hell)
0200-0300 Dabi (krachbar)
0300-0400 Andi Aka (krachbar/nachtplan)

Eingang/ warmup: zum Club ist an der Seite. Stahltreppe hoch. Cosmo Club.

Come early, stay till late. see you later.

Timetable soon. FB Link WARM UP – the flyer has not been updated so refer to the list above.

und der eigentliche Live-Hauptblock 10-12.10. – Moogulator spielt am Sonntag um 16:00. Maschinenfest ist zwar Industrial – aber für Offenheit bekannt, wird bestimmt interessant durch div. Genres.

the main part is the live performance one plus DJs and booths and talk and people in the other hall – Maschinenfest is mostly dedicated to Industrial but open in general, so worth a look.

-> 9. – 12.10.2014 Maschinenfest 2k14, Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle (Moogulator live) | Moogulator.

Official Event Link FB

The Site is up for tickets and stuff NOW! get tickets THERE as well!
(es gibt eine Abendkasse)


@ Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle, Germany – Im Lipperfeld 23′


btw: want CDs or Vinyl? Just ask me there! I will be present all the time, just talk to me.

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