Vampire – Skinny Puppy Module #2 – Not Dead – Euro Modules

Mr. Key of Skinny Puppy helped to male the second SubCon Module (which is the label of all those cEvin Key / SP projects) just announced the second of Euro Rack modules – this time it is a Vco with Animation (lfos) therefore thead reads bringing the undead to life.. saw tooth not just of vampiric origin may be animated – the so to say analog supersaw Vco / Lfo combination..?



via Skinny Puppy Mastermind cEvin Key – ein neues Modul (das 2.) – wer das SynMag gelesen hat kennt das erste ja schon, hier kommt ein VCO mit Animation mit dem Namen des Labels der meisten Sachen aus dem Skinny Puppy Umfeld.

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cEvin Key – Cable stuff for Skinny Puppy Vivisect VI setup, cute!

via CEvin Key / FB.

Vivisect VI synths setup – all classic synths in here – Ensoniq ESQ1, Mirage Samplers, Emax and of course the Pro One along with “a moog”, the TR808 (yeah!) and SPX90 FX, and there’s a Boss Mixer in here, so we may guess what it was..

voll süß!

Studio now – subcon..

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Modular – the documentary – I Dream of Wires – Video (cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy in here)

Modular – the documentary – I Dream of Wires – Video about Modular Synths. check the previews to it

I Dream of Wires — IndieGoGo. – NOTE – they still need your support to make it happen until end of this year – so this is crowdsocializing the costs – you may “buy” it in advance and help them to get it done!

DREAM OF WIRES: THE MODULAR SYNTHESIZER DOCUMENTARY will take you on a journey into the obscure, but highly influential world of modular synthesizers. Learn how it revolutionized music from the pioneers that were there, why it quickly became obsolete, and how it has become all the rage again. Our aim is to create a definitive document on the modular synthesizer revival, and we need your help to make it happen. Please watch the promotional trailer and see some of the amazing people we’ve already interviewed; and that’s just the beginning…??

Musicians in here: cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) , Martial Canterel, Solvent, Richard Lainhart (sad, he died recently), … and lots of modular manufacturers

Modular – the documentary – I dream of wires @ forum

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Skinny Puppy – Handover (Album Snippet) 2011

Skinny Puppy – Handover(Snippet) [2011] - some new stuff, some remind of sort of a scheme – means – there is a “killing game” kind of ballad, there is more “Ohgr” within the kind of voicing etc. and more pure sounds this time

Skinny Puppy – Handover(Snippet)@ Forum

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Elektron Machinedrum/Monomachine used by cEvin Key / Skinny Puppy

Elektron Music Machines. Little Interview – cEvin talks Elektron love here and a new Puppy album?

I guess a lot of people are wondering how the album will sound?

We’ve actually been using methods and techniques similar to those we used when we made Remission, our first record. The new album will contain a lot of crunch and a lot of rhythms that don’t sound so much like those on Mythmaker, our previous album. Everything will be more mechanical and 12-bit sounding. We’ve been using the Elektron gear a lot for this.

via http://twitter.com/salzmanufaktur // Electron.se HP

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