AFX – Supergeek & wi(e)rd Modular Synth stuff by AFX

via: Forum • AFX über London „gesichtet“. AFx has a lot of totally nerd stuff for us – mostly really random stuff but a lot of talk, modular synths and even more – and this guy seems to own EVERYTHING everyone is lusting for.. Alles hat der Effektzwilling – und zwar wirklich ALLES, es ist zwar bei den Klangbeispielen – sagen wir mal – nichts konventionell – aber viel Nerdstuff und jede Menge Talk und schräge Geräte ->> -> Syrobonkers-part1 -> Part 2: ARP2500/2600, 200e, Sys700, Synthacon sind nur ein kleiner Teil, bis…

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Snazzy FX ARDcore – program your euro rack modular synth

▶ Snazzy FX ARDcore Eurorack Synth Module based on Arduino is another way to get access as a coder or developer to put some lines of code onto a eurorack module that does „something“ to your audio – they more easy thing would be creating LFOs and stuff but also doing another „Math“ module that does math no1 else got to offer – so this is sort of using MAX/MSP or Reaktor compared to using standard synths Plugins and mix them since it is a real good chance to have the…

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Dope Matrix – Virtual Modular Synth for Ableton Live 9

This is an emulation of a 4 OSC modular synth on Ableton Live 9 (so in fact it is Max) and it works like this: – it’s $40 also made for performance on Push or APC40 64 step sequencer Ein Sequencer und Synthesizer System mit 4 VCOs in Ableton Live 9, das Bild sagt eigentlich alles: Es gibt dazu einen 64 Step Sequencer und Unterstützung für Push / APC. Kostet auch was – nämlich $40. Dope Matrix TutorialDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen Forum: Modularer Synthesizer für Ableton Dope Matrix

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Grove Audio Project „BusyBox“ Modular Synthesizer

Grove Audio News : Project „BusyBox“. is a portable nice a small synth about the size of a Tinysizer or the like – it has FM (lin), 3 OSCs, Ringmodulation, MIDI and even 4 VCAs (each VCO has one dedicated VCA plus the main VCA). looks interesting, very curious about the sound… via Forum: Grove BusyBox – Komplettsynth für 5HE Video checkup…

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Modular – the documentary – I Dream of Wires – Video (cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy in here)

Modular – the documentary – I Dream of Wires – Video about Modular Synths. check the previews to it I Dream of Wires — IndieGoGo. – NOTE – they still need your support to make it happen until end of this year – so this is crowdsocializing the costs – you may „buy“ it in advance and help them to get it done! DREAM OF WIRES: THE MODULAR SYNTHESIZER DOCUMENTARY will take you on a journey into the obscure, but highly influential world of modular synthesizers. Learn how it revolutionized…

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