Snazzy FX ARDcore – program your euro rack modular synth

▶ Snazzy FX ARDcore Eurorack Synth Module based on Arduino is another way to get access as a coder or developer to put some lines of code onto a eurorack module that does „something“ to your audio – they more easy thing would be creating LFOs and stuff but also doing another „Math“ module that does math no1 else got to offer – so this is sort of using MAX/MSP or Reaktor compared to using standard synths Plugins and mix them since it is a real good chance to have the digital and computer stuff in the format of analog synths in your rack – nice!

Und du willst schonmal drüber reden oder weisst schon mehr? Ab ins Forum: ardcore user mit osx unter euch?Mit diesem Modul kannst du selbst programmieren, was dein Modul macht, wenn das mal nicht sehr gelebte und an die Computerwelt angepasste Version eines Moduls ist, dann weiss ich’s auch nicht. .. 

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