Kenton releases the euro rack MIDI to CV converter CV/Gate + 4 CVs + 2 clock outs (gate signals)

you may have heard it already or seen it on the music fair in Frankfurt..

this euro size module is in fact the solo Kenton as a module, not the one with USB. it has 6 more CV’s to offer (additional to the CV/Gate you need anyway for any synth). 2 for clock signals from any MIDI sequencer, the rest is „free“ – so it should work for most of us especially hardware geeks. As the Solo it also generates it’s own CVs (to be used as LFOs) and portamento, which helps a lot for smaller systems. since most of us also work with analogue step sequencers here’s 2 trigger signals to work with. clock or start signals can be sent there. for more you might use a clock divider in your system. the big plus is: it can learn your EMS’s, or whatever-§$$%’ly controlled synth CV or other more exotic other synths should work with this one. it’s 195 Pounds, so it’s below the new Vermona Interface, but that one can assign polyphonic CVs but isn’t as flexible about clock signals.

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