63x spam in 3hours.. / IE (pc) fixed

since i opened the comments I got 63 spams with some „nice words“ plus 3 links to some commercial shit.. if it keeps this way I have to set comment status back to registered only.. I will keep it as is .. but if I have to delete 60 messages per day I need to change it back..

correction: 65 spams, strange: it’s always packed with big news or movie URLs, seems they like to flood blogs for their bullshit..

68 now, ok, comments only with registration/login.. sorry for that.. just for script kiddies fun I can not delete 50 spams per hour .. thanks, spammers!! you are responsible for the login stuff need..!!

btw: fixed a Problem that only occured on PC IE (I normally do not surf with IE and the PC is off most of the time for net stuff), should work fine now..

ok, wasn’t interesting for you? maybe these blogs are:

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