ableton intel macs..


Pricing and availability

Live 5.2 is expected to be available, as a download, in February 2006.

Non Intel-Mac users: In addition to the new Intel-Mac support, Live 5.2 will also be released as a free bug-fix update for users running Live 5 on non-Intel Macs or Windows computers.

Intel-Mac users: In light of development costs associated with porting Live to the Intel-Mac platform, users wishing to take advantage of the new Intel-Mac support can purchase a new serial number for 49 USD/39 EUR. This additional fee will be fully refunded to those customers who buy the Live 6 upgrade, which is scheduled for release in Q3. Complete information on Live 6’s specs, availability, and pricing will be made available this summer.

any question left? follow the link ..

so we’ll have dual processor support on g4, g5 and intel macs.. and pcs..
thats grreat..

and the next one will be asked: want some live 6 ?? .. or even cooler for non-english speakers: quit live (ok it’s live not life).. and live 8 will come with free bob geldof CDs?

live 6 should be announced this year but lets check 5.2X first ;)

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