the Invincible: Push Controller – Ableton going the Maschine way. with dynamic pads (pressure & velocity) in Live 9

Ableton says Push!  – I want to see you on the floor. it’s very much like a new Launchpad and step sequencer with pressure sensitive  and velocity pads and display, so .. a „better“ maschine?
SO GREAT THEY ARE DOING STEP SEQUENCING IN HERE!! Sorry, but this looks more sexy to me than most of current grooveboxy approaches to computers, so – interesting to get my hands on one of these – not so cheap – but interesting concepts of CHOOSING and PLAYING and yet SEQUENCING it – don’t know how they did the automation in here – to be handled via the Push Controller. It is made by Akai.

the biggest thing to add, hope it’s not just 16step but here’s the ad.. and of course (as posted) Live 9 is on the way – so Push is for Ableton Live 9 of course.
and note that live 9 suite now contains Max for Live by default! cool!

Forum: ABLETON LIVE 9 bringt the Controller PUSH – ziemlich Maschine-style und mit Step-Sequencer direkt drin und dynamischen Pads (druck und anschlag)!!
und das sieht dann so aus im Werbevideo – also endlich Step-Sequencing ohne nerviges M4L Gebastel..

aber – M4L gehört jetzt FEST dazu, dadurch wird es auch wieder interessant und man kann davon ausgehen, dass diese Sachen die es dafür gibt auch auf allen großen „Suite“ Editions laufen! Sehr cool, bei mir läuft M4L irgendwie mal und mal nicht..

note one thing: the bottom blue 16 pads are displaying the length, so long sequence patterns are possible. 16x32 steps seems easy to handle, then with 1/16 resolution. 512 steps is a lot if you are an Electribe or Elektron User ;)

Push is 500€, so not cheap but cool. So Maschine is ahead if it comes to pricing. but this one looks like more fun, from looking at it.

the original intro to Push

some interesting things about Live 9 – automation in session view.

and Audio to MIDI feature.

back to push – this may be obvious – all is happening as and in session view / mode like this:

what Push is all invincible for some of us..

The Invincible Spirit - Push!

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