Analogue Solutions add something to Leipzig

as you can see here news. the „old“ Leipzig will be discontiued and a new version with Step Sequencer and 2 real ADSR-Envelopes will be in, then..

till then look at  this and wave good bye..
etwas dazu zu sagen? Neuer Analogue Solutions Leipzig S @ Forum

Analogue Solutions LeipzigK LeipzigR synthesizer

– 1 Voice (1x Multi)
Analogue Solutions Leipzig K, Leipzig RAnalog Synthesizer (2007)
2 OSC, 2 Sub, 1 Filter, 1 LFO, 24 EG
subtractive analog synthesis, 
37 Key, MIDI CV Gate Ctrl, Value in 2005 was 700€ continue / weiter..?

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