AudioGL – Modular Software Synthesizer and Sequencer

a combination of sequencing and even more modular kind of synthesis in here.. sort of mixture of Audiomulch, Reaktor, Sunvox and a Tracker, right?

AudioGL Video 3 – Modular Software Synthesizer and Sequencer – YouTube.

no, it’s not a DAW, but … not a synth only as well. and they need some money to get it done, still. worth a look! and there is a classic modulation and keyroll editor in there as well. they plan both – osx and windows.

Jonathan Heppner, the one who codes it,  says: AudioGL is a Modular Software Synthesizer and Sequencer.  It is designed to allow musicians to create complex compositions with ease.  AudioGL has a dynamic 3D interface which focuses on streamlining workflow, so composers can spend less time navigating the interface, and more time writing music.

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