Behringer UB-Xa – Oberheim Clone

Es war klar, sie haben sogar den OB-X/a Namen registrieren lassen und jetzt gibts auch ein Bild dazu. Uli Xa – Clone natürlich des Klassikers von Oberheim.

Ok here is the first rendering of that OB-Xa we always heard of – the post is by Mr Behringer, so ..

Src: GS

there is a lot of PR within the words – but well – they share those things – sometimes they really do it, sometimes the seem not to – so maybe it’s a test or not.. they say they chose this one because it was on top of the list of forums.

ah user wants this colour scheme – but it will come in the classic ob-xa style – midi channel will be set by DIP switch on the back, like the Model D Minimoog Clone.

ub-xa white OB-Xa Clone