Beilfuss 93 Key -Step Synth-

Rare Synth, first real life pic ever seen –

Beilfuss Step Synthesizer Fireside Chat

not much real data, so just have a look..

Beilfuss Step Synthesizer Front Panel 1 by John Grabowski.

the manufacturer says:

Unlike any analog or digital synthesizer’s controls, the patented tone control consists of sixteen steps simply outlining the waveform as set by the Signal Controls you see at the left of the control panel. Similarly, the envelope and filter contour transients and their time intervals are also set by the Signal Controls for rhythms or extended notes. You may easily add prompted, parallel voicings, combining settings of both sides for complex notes.There are 32 controls and 142 pushbuttons for direct programming. Dedicated LED pushbuttons always read out their side of the full eight octave, split keyboard. Five octaves of transposition are possible.

ok, no audio..

via John Grabowski / Flickr


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