Blofeld Key + Desktop: Sample option on desktop!

Looks much like the Desktop Blofeld will feature SAMPLE stuff somewhere s.o.o.n.

quoted via forum page 13

pic: s.trippler @ forum.

here’s the quote from S.Stenzel, Developer:

Concerning the recent discussion about Blofeld firmware and Blofeld 
Keyboard, I think I should clarify some points: 

-A new firmware with multimode will be released this January. 
Multimode means 128 multi programs that can be stored & edited, 
with 16 parts, split, transpose, detune etc. per part. 
Betatesters are hereby free to report about multimode here. 

-Blofeld Keyboard and Blofeld share the same firmware. 

-First Blofeld Keyboards will ship this monday. 

I cannot say anything yet about the availability of the sample play 
option for Blofeld desktop. Maybe we will make some announcement on 


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