BroadWave Synth – ARP2600 Clone

found this also on the Forum..

an ARP2600 clone project, looks nice. It’s not just a clone but it’s look and schematics seemed to have quite some impact,but there is a 12/24dB tag in the Menu, LFOs and it seems full Modular.. let’s watch this site for the future: or click on it via the forum or post/ask things on the forum.. as you can see on the sit, it’s 2 ringmods, 2 full ADSRs and 2 filters (one 12dB added)..

here’s the forum and site link: The BroadWave ARP Clone

3 x VCO – 3 x CV Mod inputs, 1 x Linear FM input, 2 x PWM CV inputs, Sync in/out, Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine outs

 1 x 24dB Low Pass VCF – 4 x Signal inputs, 2 x CV Mod inputs, 1 x Resonance CV Mod input, VCF out

 1 x 12dB State Variable VCF – As above but with Low, Band and High Pass outputs

 2 x VCA – Signal in, 2 x CV Mod inputs, Log/Lin select, VCA out

 2 x ADSR – Gate in, Trigger in, Short/Long Time switch, Gate indicator, ADSR out

 2 x Voltage Controlled LFO – 2 x CV Mod in, 1 x PWM CV Mod in, Saw, Square, Ramp, Triangle outs

 1 x Noise Module – White, High Pass, Low and Grainy out, Random Trigger out

 1 x Sample & Hold with Lag – Sample in, CV for Clock Rate, Trigger out, Sync in, CV Out

 2 x Ring Mod – 1 x AC Coupled, 1 x DC Coupled

 4 Channel AC/DC Mixer/Inverter – Each channel has 3 inputs, Inverted output available

 2 x Lag Processor

4 x Buffers (1 in 4 out)

4 x Passive Multiples (4 groups of 5, normalised for 2 groups of 10)

2 x MIDI CV Converter – 1 x Low Note, 1 x High Note

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