Exotic synthesizers Dewtron synthesiser Apollo A1 + Gipsy

the Dewtron Apollo/A1 looks a bit like a Keyboard-EMS? .. the VCO-Pots are made for 10 turns, like the EMS do,..
– it has a switch matrix on the right section of it’s panel. they are also built like „lego“ to be able to expand the system.. made in 1973. the 14×12 switches and the system itself were offered for 1000 British Pounds
exotic synthesizer

the right one is the Gipsy, which still has „Vernier“ knobs like the EMS – it offers 2 OSCs + 1 LFO with AD envelope generator, so along with its spring reverb and ringmodulator it reminds of the synthi a / vcs3 – structure..

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