Fairlight Instruments – The next generation

Fairlight Instruments – The next generation.

fairlight seem to re-animate the old fairlight system..

CMI-30A Provisional Hardware Specifications
(as at 13 August 2009)

System Components:

Mainframe — free-standing and adaptable to rack mount, includes 750GB SATA hard drive, DVD R/W drive, USB ports.

Monitor — 15″ with lightpen (passive stylus)

Alpha-numeric keyboard

Music keyboard — weighted, velocity sensitive, MIDI, 6 octaves, 73 keys with pitchbend.

Fairlight CMI-30A logo

but it seem to focus on vintage aspects.. looks at this:

Page R

projected price is approximately US$17,000 and the additional music keyboard option US$2,000.

won’t be a price bomb, but hmm. do you think this will have a chance on TODAYS market? don’t know if this is a „fake“?


Neuer Fairlight CMI

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