genoqs Nemo out now.

Stuttgart, July 1st, 2008

Dear all,
back in March at the Musikmesse 2008 we have presented Nemo, the portable sequencing machine
that delighted many hearts and souls with its unconventional appearance, form factor, and power!

We take big pride in what Nemo has finally become over the past few months, and we hope you will too!
Today, on the 1st of July 2008, we are excited to share with you the great news:

Nemo is here!
Enjoy with us the material now available on our site ( describing the new machine:
– the storyboard provides an introduction to the operating model of Nemo.
– the manual describes all features in great detail, while
– the picturebook is a collection of Nemo poses over the last few weeks.

We are much looking forward to your comments, questions and feedback!
Nemo is available for order now, with delivery of pre-ordered and reserved machines starting Moday, July 7th.

Once again, our sincere thank you for the years of commitment, support and dialogue, which is probably
the single most important driver that led us to this accomplishment!

Marcel Achim and Gabriel Seher

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