Gotharmusic Synthesizers & FX


interesting stuff found here:

polyphonic synths with morphing waveforms (LFO,OSCs), Granulator & Distortion FX, Step Sequencer, MIDI CC controllable.

and the deFormer for live timestreching & granular FX and a polyphonic synth with filterbanks, 4 multi filters, 4 LFOs, 2 ENVs,about the number of OSCs: 1 in the polys, 2 in the monophonic ones, but interesting thing expecially the fact about those granular movement effects.The deFormer and the deMoon DSP-machines each only have one oscillator per voice (4 stacked in unison mode). The microGothar, the microVothar and the SpaceEagle, analog programmable machines has 2 oscillators and are monophonic.

there are also smaller versions, monophonic ones and filterbanks and even modular synthesizers.

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