Gyre Sequencer via Max/MSP (with Feena Controller + Buchla 200e)


while checking out some Buchla 200e stuff, I stepped via this nice Mac Tool on Max/MSP called Gyre

which is a combination out of sep sequencers and random sources (random -> drunk) – maybe or possibly inspired by the source of uncertainty..

and listed some of them in our little Sound collection (Klangzentrum) Forum Buchla 200e Sounds

Gyre is a program I’ve been writing in Max/MSP for playing my Buchla 200e. It is a work in progress, but I’m finding it pretty usable, even in its current state. One of the things I like about Gyre is that it separates the timing information from the note generation processes. For example, this means that I can have a rhythm going driving a step sequencer, then switch to a Sample & Hold using the same rhythm pattern.

from this cool guy

the Controller is a DJ thingy called Feena Electronics FMDJ-9303

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