iPhone OS = iOS4 – WWDC

Nothing special, the iPhone as expected, but with iMovie ($5, dont know the real price in €) and chat which may not work with non-apple contract providers. This may not that music-related, but this seems the first WWDC where Apple does the „dictator“ – shut off your WLAN & Books. the 320dpi will be a nice thing along with filming in 720p, but don’t know what that A4 (like iPad) processor will do to us music makers. so just FYI. So maybe nice thing for documentation or making movies within the phone to upload to social networks (of course not blogs since the GUI is flash)…

new Ios4 does what you have heard in the rumours, so there’s not much to think about it, still bound and SIMlocked. They seem to consider themselves „art“ but looks a lot like money and art aren’t the same ;)

– WWDC Stevetag heute: Neuigkeitenthread.

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