Koma RH301 Clock Utility/Sync Tool – the rhythm workstation MIDI / DIN Sync and LFO

the new RH301 is made for syncing everything from the MIDI, digital and analog world, including an internal LFO, dividing the clock and a Roland DIN Sync to and from MIDI – so this is a nice sync box to hook up (analog) synths, modular stuff, MIDI gear and control it with the dbeam-style proximity controller and set the clock and division incl all there is as control voltages..


KOMA Elektronik RH-301
KOMA Elektronik RH-301

description (without connecting things)

NAMM 2013: KOMA Elektronik announces the RH-301 Rhythm and Utility Pedal!

the official info is this:

KOMA Elektronik announces the RH-301 Rhythm and Utility Pedal!
New pedal features master clock with tap tempo, versatile LFO, envelope generator, MIDI and 14-point CV patch bay.
Berlin based musical instruments manufacturer KOMA Elektronik is very happy to announce a brand new pedal: the KOMA RH-301 Rhythm Workstation / Utility Tool! The RH-301 is KOMA Elektronik’s solution for a problem many musicians are struggling with: analog and digital equipment that needs to run side by side, but still needs to be controlled, which is not always an easy task! This is why KOMA decided to build a ‚Master Sync Station‘ that helps electronic musicians get the most out of their equipment by properly syncing (a large amount of) devices in many different ways!
Master Clock
The heart of the pedal is the master clock, of which the tempo can be set by turning the tempo knob, by tapping a tempo on the tap button, by syncing it to MIDI or to an external CV clock signal. Besides the normal clock output the user can also divide the signal with the Divisions knoba and send a faster or slower signal via the two Division Outputs. The generated clock signal can be passed on via CV with the two Clock Outputs, two Division Outputs or via the MIDI Output. An incoming MIDI signal can also be passed through via the MIDI Through and Out jacks.

The second feature of the RH-301 is the LFO, which can be synced to the master clock or run freely from 0,25 Hz to 260 Hz in five different shapes: sine, triangle, square, S&H and noise. This means the pedal can also be used as an oscillator, when the user turns the LFO up into the audible ranges. When the LFO is in Sync-Mode the user can choose the same divisions as the divisions of the masterclock. The LFO has two seperate outputs on the patch bay: LFO Out and LFO Inverted Out. All the features of the LFO are also controllable via control voltage, the pedal boasts CV inputs for LFO Speed, LFO Reset and LFO Symmetry.

Envelope Generator
The third feature of the pedal is an ADSR that can be easily synced to the master clock, or run in loop mode. Besides the normal controls for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release the pedal comes with a Range knob to set the range of the envelope created. The Envelope Generator comes with a normal Envelope Output, but also an Inverted Output. The Envelope Generator can be triggered by an external Gate CV Source through the Envelope Gate Input.

Besides all these features, the RH-301 also comes with a built-in KOMA Elektronik sensor, which can be used as a seperate CV Output on the patch bay as well.. The RH-301 will be on display and ready for testing at NAMM’13 at booths 1170 in Hall E (Analogue Haven) and 6735 in Hall A (Big City Music). No matter what your setup is, digital or analog, if you use a modular synthesizer, DAW, drum computer, synthesizer or KOMA’s own BD-101 and FT-201 effect pedals, the RH-301 is an effective tool to make sure they all walk in line.
MRSP: TBA. The RH-301 will be available in the beginning of Q2 of 2013 at KOMA Elektronik dealers worldwide and directly from KOMA Elektronik’s webstore at www.koma-elektronik.com.

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